Fund Strategy

The Opportunity Real Estate Fund aims to invest into carefully selected and attractive real estate development projects with the main focus on residential and commercial value added projects in Prague. Professional team with vast experience and great market knowledge is a guarantee of identifying and acquiring of extraordinary investment and development opportunities.

Pre-defined guidelines, investment criteria and processes.

Diversification resulting in a robust mix of assets.

Investments into projects offering great upside potential.

Focus on Prague and carefully selected development areas in the Czech Republic.

Careful use of leverage to secure and maximize returns.

Full control and check of every aspect of the pre and post transaction process.

Diligent risk assessment throughout the entire investment cycle.

Our experience is yours and ours profit & joy.

"Our goal is to buy
a range of attractive projects into the fund, especially the development projects.“

Milorad Mišković | Founder

Profit on solid foundations

Asset Type

Core Core+ Value Add Development


Retail Office Residential

Leading the world of real estate investment management.


Investment Criteria

Profit on solid foundations

foundations solid

Prague and carefully selected
development areas in the Czech Republic.

Individual transaction
return at minimum
8 % p.a. to the

Individual transaction

After 3 years all profit Tax exempt for individual investor
- physical person -
is tax exempt.

Individual investment duration

Individual investment duration
up to5 years.

Allocation per transaction:
25 % of total targeted
fund size.

Individual transaction