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The Opportunity Fund

KARLIN PORT REAL ESTATE, a Prague-based investment and development platform put together a team of top real estate and investment professionals who have created a platform for investing in various types of real estate.

Our Opportunity Real Estate Fund acts on behalf of investors while respecting a clearly defined strategy. The fund will enable Investors to enjoy attractive returns on carefully selected real estate projects in Prague and the Czech Republic.

Karlin Port Real Estate
Track Record
Track Record
Track Record
Track Record

Real Estate Investment experts headquartered in Prague.

Real Estate investment experts

Provides a comprehensive package of services including but not limited to Asset Management for the investment portfolio.

Comprehensive package

Premium position on the local market offering unique access to the top quality projects and key players on the market.

Premium position

Team of professionals with various backgrounds covering the entire value-add chain.

Team of professionals
Track Record


Coverage of the following areas of expertise:

  • Real Estate Investment and Development
  • Risk and Asset Management
  • Business Development
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate Goverance

Team of professionals
with various backgrounds allowing to cover
the entire value chain.

Team of professionals<br>with various backgrounds allowing to cover<br> the entire value chain.

Fund Structure

Advantages of
a Fund Structure

The fund structure enables investors to achieve attractive returns with low risk due to the blending of various types of projects that match the risk/return profile of the investor.

Participation in large attractive transactions that are beyond individual accessibility.

Professional management team handling all transactional and operational activities for investors.

Transparent and flexible structure compliant with strong regulatory supervision.

Simple. Transparent. Fully Aligned.

Key Terms

Supervision and Control

The Opportunity Real Estate Fund key terms are designed to attract qualified investors – high net worth and ultra – high net worth individuals. Our vast experience combined with our impressive track record make us confident to offer 8 % p.a. hurdle rate. The profit share waterfall is by intention progressive to align investor´s and fund manager´s interest – maximising net return.

Winstor Investiční Společnost
Karlin Port Real Estate

Opportunity Real Estate Fund SICAV, a. s.

Fund ID (ICO):
14 17 33 52

Legal Structure:
SICAV, a.s.


Targeted Investors:
Qualified Investors

Target net return to Investors:
Higher than 8 % p.a.

Target Fund Equity:
Minimum CZK 2 billion

Minimum Investment:
CZK 1 million

Fund duration:
5 years with an optional 2-year extension

Fundraising period:
12 months

Commitment period:
2 years

Lock-up period:
4 years

Up to 75% of total project cost

Quarterly fund valuation (Fund NAV) and management reports, annual audited financials

Fund Administrator:
Winstor investiční společnost, a. s.

Československá obchodní banka, a. s.

Investment Advisor and Property Manager:
Karlin Port Real Estate and affiliates

BDO Audit, s.r.o.

Subscription fees

Subscription Fee
up to
3 %
from commited equity

Management Fee
1,5 %
p.a. of net
asset value

After 3 years all profit Tax exempt for individual investor
- physical person -
is tax exempt.

Incentive fees